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HQP Tweets

HQP_tweets Reform Update: @CMSGov won't limit flexibility of Oregon CCOs, state says #hcr via @modrnhealthcr
HQP_tweets RT @SoLFlash: you don't sacrifice your personal interest to the larger team vision; rather, the shared vision becomes an extension of your …
HQP_tweets RT @WebMD: Here's how the #Ebola story has dramatically unfolded so far (a timeline).
HQP_tweets RT @ghdonline: Valuable insight from @ken_coburn_md on how @HQP_tweets engages critical partners in their model of #complexcare mgmt http:/…
HQP_tweets RT @ken_coburn_md: Time to apply Ed Tufte's Thinking Eye to health care. Let's see data and human experience clearly. Then redesign. http:…
HQP_tweets Medicare to Start Paying Doctors Who Coordinate Needs of Chronically Ill Patients , via @nytimes; incomplete solution
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